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Why Study Social and Applied Human Sciences?

The College of Social and Applied Human Sciences offers the largest range of academic subjects at the University of Guelph. Our curriculum focuses on the biological, psychological, environmental and social elements of humans and their place in this world.

Our world today is facing critical and complex issues. We work together - often across disciplines - to tackle these issues and improve life, integrating theory and real-world experience to help students develop the skills they need to shape the future.

Improve Life with Our College

Where do you want to go? The College of Social and Applied Human Sciences can get you there. We teach you to think critically, to challenge the status quo, to collaborate and engage with others, all while focusing on the whole person and becoming a better citizen of the world. Join us today and make your contribution to society, realize your goals and learn to confidently navigate the world around you.


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Careers in Social and Applied Science

The College’s programs will lead you towards a diverse and rewarding career path. There are several career fields for you to pursue:

  • Government
  • Law & Public Policy
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Communications
  • Counselling & Therapy