Hub Advisory Committee

  2021-2022 Hub Advisory Committee Members

  • Andrea Buchholz
  • Christie Stewart
  • Kaitlyn McLachlan
  • Jaclyn Cockburn
  • Julie Simmons
  • Lindsey Thomson
  • Mavis Morton
  • Nida Ansari
  • Paula Barata
  • Rachel Eng
  • Samantha Blostein
  • Sarah Cahill
  • Tammy Bernard-Reed

 The Hub Terms of Reference

The Hub for Teaching and Learning Excellence (“The Hub”) will serve as a platform to bring people together in establishing a community of practitioners to share information, teaching experiences, and resources. The Hub is designed to foster and encourage best practices in curriculum development and pedagogy throughout undergraduate and graduate programming in the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS), while supporting and recognizing the value of teaching and learning excellence.

The Hub will foster the establishment of best practices in curriculum design and implementation. It will pilot new approaches and modes of course design and teaching such as new platforms for course delivery. The Hub will also include participatory practices in developing both program- and course-level learning outcomes that are fostering innovation and best pedagogical practices. The Hub will support the development of hybrid, blended, online, and experiential courses, as well as high impact teaching practices throughout the College. Furthermore, through a community of practice, the Hub will encourage members of the CSAHS community to contribute as Teaching and Learning Scholars to help support the development of effective, evidence-based practices related to continual improvement in the delivery of curriculum.

The Hub and its Advisory Committee are focused on supporting teaching and learning excellence within CSAHS and in coordination with the larger University community. The Hub will collaborate with the College’s centres and units, including the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI) as well as other campus partners, such as the Office of Teaching and Learning (OTL). The Hub will leverage existing initiatives on campus in order to prevent duplication of work, and it will focus on innovation using pilots, trials, and scaling up current initiatives. The Hub will leverage existing strengths and successes within the College, including research in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), highlighting findings and research of best practices in teaching and learning excellence, and presenting strategies to put into practice.

CSAHS has a strong reputation for collaborating with external units outside of the College and is known for its interdisciplinary drive and community engagement. Leveraging the pragmatic approaches of the Hub, the College will be seen as a vehicle of innovation and a driving force for improving, developing, and delivering different models of teaching. Furthermore, the Hub will be positioned to broadcast research and teaching innovations to external stakeholders. The Associate Dean (Academic)’s Office will support the provision of professional development opportunities whereas the Hub will inform and feed the work produced.

The Hub will strive to support the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Create a community of practice comprised of instructors, staff, and students interested in teaching excellence and curriculum improvement and innovation;
  • Develop a mentorship strategy for new and established College instructors around teaching strengths and development;
  • Promote SoTL research and leverage available funding to investigate SoTL further;
  • Host events, seminars, and workshops on teaching development and curriculum design;
  • Promote curriculum improvement and innovation;
  • Support curriculum review and revision to incorporate elements of the reconciliation, Indigenization, and decolonization goals in active response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC) recommendations;
  • Support and promote the development of new/pilot projects and the redevelopment of existing practices in course delivery;
  • Support and promote development, delivery, and evaluation of opportunities for experiential learning;
  • Promote the development of authentic learning outcomes and their measurability;
  • Develop and pilot a peer evaluation system of teaching for College instructors;
  • Develop mechanisms for assessing teaching for tenure, promotion, and performance assessment processes that go beyond traditional student and course evaluations; and
  • Support and promote inclusive practices, such as mechanisms like Universal Instructional Design (UID), throughout the College.

The Hub is designed to be interdisciplinary and extend beyond the College and will encompass resources and expertise from across campus. The Hub’s Advisory Committee will guide the activities of the Hub and will be supported primarily by the Manager, Academic Programs (Undergraduate), as well as the Manager, Graduate Programs who will support initiatives at the graduate level. The composition of the Hub’s Advisory Committee is as follows:

  1. Chair, The Hub for Teaching and Learning Excellence’s Advisory Committee – Associate Dean (Academic)
  2. 5 Faculty members spanning across College departments and collaborative programming
  3. 1 Graduate student
  4. 1 Undergraduate student
  5. 1 Representative from the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute (CESI)
  6. 1 Representative from the Office of Teaching and Learning
  7. Manager, Academic Programs
  8. Manager, Graduate Program

Members of the Hub’s Advisory Committee will meet at minimum once per academic semester (Fall, Winter, and Summer). Working groups may be asked to meet more frequently based on their availability to contribute to active projects as a result of the Hub’s efforts.

All CSAHS faculty and staff have the opportunity to contribute in showcasing best practices related to teaching and learning excellence on a volunteer basis as Teaching and Learning Scholars. The Hub’s Advisory Committee will vet interested parties through a brief application process, and resulting contributions will be used in circulation and for promotional purposes. Teaching and Learning Scholars will be featured and profiled with web presence on the CSAHS’ website.