Remote Teaching Support

Looking for support for alternative and remote course delivery? The Office of the Associate Dean (Academic) is here to help. Take a look at these resources for remote teaching support and check back for regular updates.

Meet the CSAHS Super 7


The College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS) has hired a team of seven co-op students as Instructional and Technical Support Student Assistants this fall.

Known as the CSAHS Super 7, these students are available to support instructors in their course preparations for the W21 semester, as well as other means of remote teaching support for the F20 semester.

Virtually meet the team and learn more about their areas of focus!

Remote Teaching Support Videos — Fall 2020


Accessibility & AODA Compliance

Making your course content accessible is just as important as the content itself. Instructors must ensure that everything is perceivable, operable, and understandable.

Learn how the CSAHS Super Seven team can help you remove digital barriers in order to make your virtual classroom inclusive for all.

CourseLink Collaborative Tools: Groups and Discussions

Students tend to be more inclined to participate in small group discussions, in comparison to lectures. The CourseLink Learning Management System offers collaborative tools, such as groups and discussions, that allow students to virtually interact and collaborate with one another.

Discover how the CSAHS Super Seven team can assist you in implementing these tools within your course.

CourseLink Tools: Intelligent Agents

Staying connected with students online does not have to be difficult. Using the CourseLink intelligent agents tool, emails can be sent to specific users based on their activity.

Learn more about how you can effectively communicate with students through the help of the CSAHS Super Seven team.

CourseLink Tools: Quizzes and Rubrics

Implementing quizzes and rubrics to your course is a great way to assess the learning of students. These non-interactive tools within the CourseLink Learning Management System are effective and can easily be integrated within your gradebook.

Find out more on how the CSAHS Super Seven team can assist you in adding these tools to your course.

External Tools

There are many resources outside of what the university provides that can be beneficial in supporting the learning of your students. External tools can be used both synchronously and asynchronously, and can include group activities, quizzes, and polls.

Discover more on the specific tools that can be integrated into your course.

Video Conferencing Tools

Remote learning has since made video conferencing tools a popular alternative for in-person lectures and meetings. Some of the popular tools that the university offers include Virtual Classroom, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Find out more on how these tools and the various functions within them can be used to make teaching online more effective.

Video Production

Maintaining student engagement can be challenging in a virtual setting, but the advancements of digital technology can be used to solve this problem.

Discover how videos can be used as a learning resource and some of the different types of videos that the CSAHS Super Seven team can help you produce as a part of your course content.


Remote Teaching Support video playlist


 Teaching and Learning Webinar Series


To support all instructors with their personal ongoing teaching and learning development, the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS) Hub for Teaching and Learning Excellence ("The Hub"), in collaboration with the Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics (LANG) Learning and Teaching Advisory Board, are hosting a series of teaching and learning professional development workshops.

To provide support and resources to instructors to help them in deciding what approaches are best for their individual courses, we have developed a webinar series that is pedagogically-focused, evidence-informed, and based on best practices. Recordings are available of past sessions, as well as supporting resources referred to in the recordings.

CSAHS & LANG Teaching & Learning Webinar Series

Webinar titles

  • Finding and Using Open Educational Resources (OER) in the Classroom
  • Effective and Flexible Course Design: The Big Picture
  • Enhancing Active & Collaborative Learning in Flexible Course Design and Delivery
  • Designing Assessments: A Learner-Centred Approach
  • Strategies for Community Engaged Teaching and Learning in Remote Learning Environments
  • Tools for Providing Meaningful (and quick!) Feedback to Students
  • Teaching and Learning in a Virtual Classroom Setting

  Educational Technologies Webinar Series


The Office of Open Learning and Educational Support (OpenEd) has developed a series of webinars and resources to support instructors in the use of educational technologies. You can access their Remote Teaching and Learning portal in addition to the recorded webinars, below.

OpenEd Remote Teaching Webinar Series

Webinar titles

  • Synchronous or Asynchronous? Which is the best option for your course?
  • Pick a Web Conferencing Tool: To Zoom or not to Zoom
  • Course Design 1: Tips, Best Practices and Strategies to Go Remote
  • Course Design 2: A Nuts & Bolts Approach to Go Remote
  • Tools for Engaging Learners
  • Tools for Assessment & Evaluation
  • Tools for Communication & Social Presence